Your relationship with your photographer is important.  So every so often, I will post a blog article on one of my favourite things, just so you can get to know me a little better!  As a small business owner, I LOVE supporting other small businesses.  And today I wanted to share with you one of my favourites.  But a story first :)

Growing up I had beautiful hand knit sweaters created by my amazing grandmother.  She not only knit me sweaters, but all my dolls had their own lovingly created sweaters, bonnets, booties and blankets.  As I got older, my mother decided she wanted to learn to knit.  So Nana and half of the female members at our church taught her how to knit.  In prayer meetings, if she got stuck, she would pass her project down the line to whichever knitter was closest.  She would fix the problem and send it back down the row to mom.  Knitting really was a community affair.  And with my mother’s entrance into the world of Fiber Arts, I got more sweaters, afghans and cozy items.  I was notorious for finding patterns that were, ah, incredibly difficult and asking her to make them.  And to her credit she always rose to the occasion.  Unless I asked for something that was crocheted.  Then the answer was “no, can’t do that.”

Fast forward about a decade.  I find my fingers are getting itchy and its time to start learning to do something with them.  So I turned to my grandmother and she taught me how to crochet.  I learned the basic stitches, made a couple scarfs and quicmayflowerbabyblanket-0005-1kly graduated to afghans.  The problem was that when I would walk in to Michael’s, I had trouble finding yarn that inspired me.  Yes yarn can inspire and make you dance with excitement.  I promise.  In desperation I asked a friend who knits where she found her squishy, soft, wonderful yarns.  And she told me.  The Yarn Club.  And a new obsession was born.

The moment I walked into The Yarn Club, I knew I was in trouble.  Everything I saw inspired me.  Everything.  They have natural wools (alpaca, merino, camel) and plant-based fibers (cotton, linen), some of it has silk in it (I heard rumour of a 100% silk yarn!) and I could go on, but you get the pictures.  And the colours — oh my the colours are OUTSTANDING.  There is no end to the creative trouble you can get into in this store.  They offer classes (one of the most popular being a sock class), knit and crochet-alongs and you can also simply bring your project and sit and knit or crochet.

Since discovering this store I have completed 8 1/2 shawl/ponchos, a baby sweater, baby hat, baby blanket (to the left), a ombre cowl (first knit project) and I am working on my first sweater (knitting).  Did I mention that they have managed to teach me how to make 2 sticks work, rather than one hook?  I have even started a yarn stock pile, you know, for a rainy day.  You see sometimes yarn inspires you to do SOMETHING, but you just don’t know what when the inspiration hits.