A couple weeks ago I had not one but TWO adorable Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppies drop by!
Aren’t they GORGEOUS!! On the left is adorable 9 week old Gretzky. Is there anything more adorable than a yellow lab puppy? Love the sloppy puppy sit.
On the right is Triton, a goofy German Shepherd. Usually goofy is not a term I would use for a GSD but when you are 9 months old and still have a floppy ear, goofy is definitely the right word!

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a non-profit that raises and trains dogs to serve the blind and visually impaired.  Mac and I have been involved with them as puppy raisers for about 5 years now.  We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our 5th puppy to raise.  She will be (we think) a German Shepherd.  Tori will be absolutely thrilled.    Along with raising puppies, I support the region by photographing each dog that is raised in Hampton Roads.  The photographs are featured on our vet plaques, which are given to local Veterinarians who sponsor our dogs by giving discounted or free vet care to our puppies.

Before signing off this post, I need to share my two favourite GEB related pictures.


The first is from a Senior Session I photographed this spring.  Tori C was a puppy raiser for our region with her mom.  She is also visually impaired.  During the summer before her senior year she received her first Guide Dog, Guiding Eyes Avis.  One of the neat things about Avis is that he was also raised in our region.  Usually handlers don’t get to see their dogs grow up and mature, they just get the final product.   So not only did Tori get an amazing dog, but she got a dog that she got to see grow from puppyhood and mature into the amazing guide he is today.  Here they are shortly before graduation!


My second favourite picture features Marian, the 4th dog Mac and I raised for Guiding Eyes.  Our region hosted a Wine Tasting fundraiser and I decided to create an image to help mWine Postcard frontarket our event.  You can see what I came up with on the right.  Marian was about 4 months old when I took this picture and was sporting the typical puppy head cock.  One of my favourite things about sweet Marian is that she never lost that headcock as she matured.  Today she is in training with Guiding Eyes for the Blind in their Heeling Autism program.  So one day she will support a child with autism and his or her family.  The perfect match for this sweet and gentle soul.  This image continues to be used by Guiding Eyes to promote their Wine Tasting Events in New York!


For more information about Guiding Eyes for the Blind click here.  For information about their Heeling Autism program, click here.   To connect with the local puppy raising region on facebook, click here.