One of the things I love the most about being a photographer, is the opportunity to work with my clients multiple times.  Kim’s family contacted me a couple years ago to photograph the funeral of her grandfather.  It was a beautiful day of remembrance, and probably one of my more unique photographic days.  Before she ever met me, Kim had been thinking about doing a Trash the Dress session.  You see, Kim got married 10 years ago and she never really loved her dress. In fact she kind of hated it.  So when she started hearing about Trash the Dress sessions, she knew she wanted to do one.  She just had to find the right photographer.  Her challenge is both the photographer the family had hired for both her and her sisters weddings had, uh, dropped the ball.  They weren’t there on time, they left early and produced poor quality products.  To say my jaw dropped as I heard some of the stories is putting it mildly.  And then Kim met me when I photographed her grandfather’s funeral.  About a year after the funeral, Kim contacted me to start planning her Trash the Dress session.  So after multiple emails and phone calls, we finally connected in June 2014.  We laughed, we hiked, we balanced on fallen trees — it was a day to remember!